Wanderlust Dreams 

Credits: You Tube/Google 

“Wake me up before it’s too late, let us both chase that dream together, hitchhiking as hopeful wanderers down that road less traveled.  As the Deadheads we still are; young, wild, and free. 

May the stars be our guide and the full moon our light, as we camp out under the canopy of the night, in the Desert of Decadent Dreamers Daring to Dance across Death Valley because we fear no one, no shadows, nor the demons along our destined path.  

We will survive this enigmatic journey ahead-since we both have each other forever and that’s all that freaking matters in this Beautiful Type of Pain and the struggle within.

The Lady of the Rainbow 🌈 beckons us home where our Prism of Light shall illuminate the world all around and we shall set others free.  Loving the ones we are with, united in Global Oneness and the Sacred Heart of Transcendent Love. 

-Mark Adam 2017

“Fear not for love shall not forsake the Chosen Ones” 

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