When Apples Bleed And The Moon Turns Fifty Shades of Red – from the ‘Garden of Lucidity’-Eve’s Awake-coming 

Photo credit: Google Images 

The Apple of the Universe is inside you.  Just open up your mind, bare your body and soul.  Take my hand, clasp it tight, as I draw you nearer the eternal flame of immortal life.  

You are so divine like new wine, as the blood flowing through my veins.  Let us partake of the  overflowing chalice of our sacred love.  Sharing together as one, our souls in unity.  The struggle is all too real but we are safe under the blood moon tonight. 

You are the forbidden fruit I desire to taste and devour.  The Tree of Wisdom – in the center of that secret garden is where we will find the heart of universal love and self-sacrifice.  Young, wild, and free; uninhibited in the Garden of Lucid Dreams

Your heart is like a harp resonating a tranquil simple melody through my veins; so pure in sound as we sing together in harmony of our passion play – taking center stage on the Altar of Consecrated Love. 

Together as One, Together under the moonlight.  The celestial GPS to guide us up that path to eternal destiny.  Serendipity redefined by counting the stars under the canopy of the night.  

It’s our time to release our bodies to the cold still waters of Island Cove.  May we bath in the sanctity of our love; fueled by the flames of lucidity and lust. 

We are both lost fools in total surrender to the decadent desires of the heart.  Our internal needs fulfilled in the embrace of each other.  Bare transparency exposing our very core. 

Full-fledged dreamers; traveling down that road less traveled.  Searching for Jacob’s Ladder in the afterglow.

The forces of nature we shall not fight as we savor that sweet fruit of love forever together as One.  So continues our flight to love. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

‘Two souls set aflame can set the world on fire’

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