Lampshades Fade Away

I used to love reading these books which would make you choose a particular ending.  There would be alternative closing chapters and you got to choose how the story would conclude.  

That is how our own life is.  It can be boring, complacent, mundane, adventuresome, exciting, crazy beautiful, kick-ass, sick, tight; you name it.

But whatever you call your ‘present’ circumstances or ‘three ring circus’ make sure it’s a gift to yourself and others, since that’s what life is.  It’s a Bad Santa, White Elephant, Re-Gift, An Ugly ‘Cosby’ Sweater, Something Stolen or Borrowed, Something Blue or New gift. 

Sometimes it’s the colorful wrapping which we cover ourselves in, maybe hiding scars, birthmarks, blemishes, bruises, self-image perceptions.  Maybe you dress to impress or express in fancy high heel shoes, makeup, and your fav designer dress.

Perhaps Lady Gaga is your fashion mistress and you ‘roll’ with a style all your own; pasties and your bling bling. 

I bet many of us prefer to stay ‘Forever 21’ and choose to stay in the ‘Gap.’  Our confort zone is like that perfect pair of skinny jeans as though looking at the mirror is the perfect illusion. 

In the end we tend to placate to our ever-changing whims based upon the perceptions others hold us to.  As though we are all in the same story, in the same boat, headed towards the Niagara Falls.  

Dare to change the ending of your present day storyline and try diving off that boat instead.  

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Change your story, Change your life”

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