Stop Using Words As A Weapon 

We are who we attract.  Therefore may we speak with boldness and intended-purpose.  The Universal Law of Attraction will reward us with the resources to propel us to dream bigger once again.  But only if we take initiative and act. 

As it is with words.  What are they used for.  Words can be Powerfully Poetic or Powerfully Destructive.  Stop using words as a weapon in self-serving negotiations or to further your own agenda, rather use words as a welcoming embrace.  As an outward-serving torch of freedom inviting everyone, regardless of their immigration status.  The Art of Love in Global Citizenship should surpass the Art of the Deal in Profits over People. 

Positive words of affirmation will lift us up to inspire us to greatness outside ourselves.  

Negative words of condemnation will only fuel the flames of hate, unforgiveness, and suppression.  It will not only awaken that beast of rage and anger within our animalistic nature, but cause others with their backs up against the wall to retaliate in kind. 

Therefore let us extinguish the ‘fires of rage and hate’ with the ‘living waters of hope and love.’ 

This all encompassing Shalom we ignite from within will reflect upon the Universe we all share in as ‘Citizens of Global Oneness.’

Therefore let our words be a pleasing aroma as lavender and may our actions be as a soothing tropical breeze.  

May our communication with others whom think culturally different from ourselves encourage us to live with an outward-focused, directed-passion to love the diversity within. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Video Credit: Missing Persons “What are words for”

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