‘The Enchanted One’ 

A strong, on purpose-woman will take care of her own as well as provide care and compassion for her family. 

She will be as beautiful as a single long-stem rose and as radiant as an angel on golden wings. 

She will sing with a melodic soothing voice and the intensity of passion-filled vibrancy.  She will roar with the furiousity of a lion when her core nature is threatened by outside forces.  

Her scent will be intoxicating as an island cove and inviting as a moonlit swim across a crystal-clear lagoon.  

She will be called the ‘Enchanted One’ in the Sea of Serendipity to her chosen soul-link.  

When you find that magical key to unlock the heart of that ‘One’ never ever; even in a hailstorm of fire and ice, let her go.  

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

They call her the Enchanted One”

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