U R 2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed

Don’t stress over the things of this world we cannot change.  The ways of this world; political, societal, cultural, and religious; domestically and globally.  These human processes and systems are flawed by man.  

God is the only one who can override any imperfect, broken system in His timing.  

So don’t let your joy, your zeal, your passion for the fight for what is right get slammed in the Arena of Confusion, Intolerance, and Hate. 

You have no time to waste on stupidity, nonsense, and simple minded under-achievers.  They not only get into your business but seek to kill and destroy your mind, body, and spirit-in order to prevent you from your dream and your tenacity for change. 

No limitations, no apologies for being you-for holding true to your beliefs.  

Do not let others see your endgame unless they go all in with you, share your plans or your dreams, and share the same vision for a better tomorrow. 

Love at the heart of the matter.  As two souls merge into one.  

Don’t give up the fight for love. 

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017 

#Flight2Love #MahalKita #NoLimitations #ShineOutLoud 

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