The ‘Circle of Love’

When you surround yourself and others with a ‘Circle of Love’ hate will not be able to penetrate.  

Be contagious and infect others with hope, compassion, and tolerance as we spread a new message of truth through love and grace through the rainbow of understanding shining forth from deep inside our Eternal Flame. 

May We The People be the searchlight, that beacon, that Light House-a safe refuge for all immigrants-within the sacred open borders of this ‘Circle of Humanity’ we learn to love in. 

May our hearts be open to acceptance, may our eyes be open to loving out loud, and our minds search for wisdom through the diversity of our global citizens.  

May we build bridges and not walls from this ‘Circle of Partnership’ in the Land of the Rainbow, Nation of the Free, and Home of the Brave. 


©Mark Adam Publishing 2017 

Keep on Blogging in the Free World”

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