Dancing Through The Storm

Soaking wet, splashed on the sidewalk by a passing car, left my umbrella at home, running late to work once again.  

We have all been there I’m sure.  The secret is simple.  No matter how hard the struggle or how life  just doesn’t seem fair, we can still make a choice.  

To be happy and reward ourselves with a Starbucks or our fav Ben and Jerry’s pint ice cream.  Or we can sulk, pout, shout out life is unfair, and just call in to work and sleep in all day.  

Either way the rain will still fall and you will still be wet.  Until you change your perspective (and put on some fresh clothes).

You have two choices: to consciously embrace the challenge before you and fight it as if you were ‘Pacman’ or Ronda Rousey, or to run and hide to your favorite ‘safe place.’

These ‘torrential downpours‘ won’t last forever, but only if you choose to find that silver lining in your own playbook. 

The moment you just let it go; what you can’t control (the weather, bad boss, or unplanned circumstances) and embrace what you can change (your attitude, choice, emotions, and feelings).  

This paradigm shift will transform your heart, body, and mind.

The Universe will give you everything you need, but only if you are open to the hidden opportunities within the storm and receptive to getting gushed on.  

You must however be willing to get soaked in the process and dance barefoot in the puddles which line your path to your chosen destination under the rainbow.  

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Dancing through the storm”

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