Kiss the Sea 

Come sail away with me. I will guide you through the currents of this life. Hold me tight, feel my heart beat, through the tidal waves and calm tranquil ‘living waters.’ Just kiss me closely. Be my lifesaver tonight.
If the raging sea shall crash upon the shore and knock our sand castle of love down…

Let this be our mantra, our mission, our prayer to build it back up again and make it stronger than the shifting sands of time. 

May we withstand the currents and tsunami of our life together as one against the forces of the raging sea.

As we wrestle the wind, walk across the water, and sink our feet firmly in the wet sands of our serendipitous secret solitude within ourselves.  

Kiss the sea under the heart-shaped moon of our Covenant of Love.
-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Where Passion Calms the Sea”

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