Desire Overtakes Us-(excerpt of a scene from ©Flight2Love)

The young couple found paradise however not without a heavy price.  The hopeful lovers-soul mates perhaps from birth-destined to unite in the future, though not without a fight.  Because what is the point of love if there is no defining struggle to up the value of  two souls in an otherwise cheapened life. 

A life where sex is traded like a low-priced commodity and thrown away as disposable goods.  Where love is negotiated by the ‘Art of Fellatio’ as though it were a mere handshake or ‘fist bump.’

Romantic gestures as in a late night made for TV movie-the makings of fairy tales told to us as children (still naive and innocent) and that mystical place played out in so many movies and songs; ‘Somewhere over (or under) the Rainbow'(of our love).  One song keeps sounding off over and over in my head-as though the CD gets stuck in replay.  “Lust to love was the last thing I was dreaming of, and now all I want is just to love.” I used to fantasize about Belinda Carlisle.  She was the lead singer of five member all female band, The Go-Go’s.  The only thing missing was the daisy chain but we’ll save that for another daydream therapy session.  Every scene must have one main song to trigger a recurring memory or dream and this is one of those times. 

The tall cool American accidental tourist/lover was never one to be held down to a house, family, 2.5 children, a dog/cat, an SUV.  He knew those snobbish types, he not only went to college with those entitled Yuppies but also worked in a well-to-do community; Santa Clarita.  He was a location scout and damn well seen it all in the adult entertainment biz.  He was working with a Chatsworth based company run by two very attractive and equally-flirtatious Filipinas, both married to successful American businessmen.  The one girl tried to fix him up with a friend whom was seeking to migrate Stateside however at the time he just wanted to make money.  Last thing until now did he even dream about would be in the loving arms of a young exotic beauty, let alone a future fiancé.

The young Filipina knew she had him at first glance.  Dr. Dater really paid off with that ad she placed online.  Her profile pic was a bit provocative but a girl must use her ‘honey to attract the Big Bees.’ There’s plenty of nectar within the flower beds of life and she will do whatever it takes to land the best man, even if she must get down on her knees doing what some women find hard to swallow.  It’s a dirty game after all.  

As the two star-struck lovers look off into the distance, across the tranquil still waters of this Luzon island lagoon.  The petite black hair, black gem eyed girl with a smile accentuated by two dimples on either side of her angelic porcelain doll face, her tall American man-clad in nothing more than a pair of tight fitting speedos; brushes his fingers gently across her naturally soft ruby red lips as if waiting for a long, savoring kiss…says in an almost breezy whisper, 

“Your smile is not only magical, it’s what sweet dreams are made of.  

As the magician waves his magic wand, you were pulled out of the Universe’s hat.  A beauty unlike no other, unique as a snowflake, as pretty as a rose, and as majestic as the Visayas sunset.  

Your smile as wide as the sky-from the East to the West.  Your eyes as gentle as the moonlight dancing across the clear blue water.  Your touch as warm as the clear ocean tide caressing our intertwined bodies as we lay on the wet white sands, the tropical breeze gliding over our tanned glistening skin, as the stars glitter all around us as our desire overtakes the night till dawn’s early light.  So is my love for you.”

The evening air fills with an aroma of desire like freshly sliced mangoes and coconut milk upon dry lips, as we savor every sweet taste and flavor as though it were our last…

Read more from the upcoming novel, Flight2Love.  Anticipated release December 2017. 

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Desire overtakes Us.”

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