Beat The Odds

Whatever it is you are going through, every living body, every internal energy source-as we all are ‘still developing, transforming created inner beings of Eternal Universal Light.  

We are all unique, set apart for a purpose-a destiny’s child of the one true living God.  The Solar Source from which our soul’s outlets are universally plugged into.  

So whatever the struggle (financial or physical), conflict (internal or external), relational distresses and misalignments (verbal or nonverbal)-take heed of one of the most prolific and musical geniuses of our generation, Michael Jackson (The King of Pop) as he sings, “Just Beat It, No One Wants To Be Defeated…You have to show them you really aren’t scared.”

Whatever you encounter, whoever tries to trip you up, just beat it, don’t let it defeat you, show them you are not fearful, and that you are in charge of your ‘dance.’ You are the choreographer, songwriter, and dancer on the greatest ballroom of the world. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Dedicated to Michael Jackson.  You will forever live on in our hearts. 

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