Need Help ASAP??? 

Ugh! What the…?  This paper is due tomorrow and I’ve lost everything.

Ever been there before?  I sure have.  Let me help you on the path to academic and university success. 

I have several years in the education sector, as a substitute teacher, and newspaper columnist and co-editor. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy.  

My rates are flexible and I can work around your schedule to get a project done.  

I also do free-lance and content-based writing. 

Initial consultation is free and rates start at $20.00 an hour, but I will work within your budget as well since I’ve been there myself as a starving grad student. 

My number is 661-855-3237.

Email me at

Place in subject box-Need Help ASAP:) 

I will also tutor English and help with correcting papers as well.  (Must live within the Santa Clarita or Antelope Valley area for one on one or group tutoring and/or any projects needing on site work.  

Have a great day.  

Mark Adam 

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