Dream Catcher For The Stars 

Beverly Hills, CA-Rodeo Drive-The Sunset Strip-Hollywood, CA

If you were born in SoCal or ever been California Dreamin’ you’ve been to the above places and fantasized about the Good Life.  

I think dreams kinda go like this, even those that are bitter-sweet are made of this.  

In the all-time best movie of our generation (and no this is not an understatement and yes I am sober) ‘A Night at the Roxbury’-a lively exchange takes place between the family and the two brothers played by Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell of SNL fame.  The Oscar winning dialogue goes like this:

“Doug Butabi: You can take away our phones and you can take away our keys, but you can NOT take away our dreams. 
Steve Butabi: Yeah, because we’re, like, sleeping when we have them.”

Our dreams are our own.  They belong to us; even when we are NOT sleeping.  

Have we experienced these dream stealers in our life?  Do we have dream catchers to capture those fleeting thoughts which tend to escape the moment we wake up from our ‘realm of fantasy reality.’ 

Don’t let anyone, even those closest to you keep you from harnessing that fantastic fantasy and producing results-oriented reality.  

You are your very own ‘Reality Life Show.’  You are the next “Celebrity Apprentice,” auditioning for the starring role.  

You have the stage, it’s up to you.  You either own the room or the room owns you.

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Movie credit: A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

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