Dance Daringly Differently 

If you don’t like something-set up your own lemonade stand and sell a different product.  

It may be your own body.  Yourself as a living commodity or service to others.  If your heart is not in it then no one, not even you will buy into it.  This can apply working for yourself, a team, an agency, or a corporate pyramid. 

If you don’t see an idea-maybe, just maybe that’s because it’s still a dream inside your head.  That inner child of yours screaming to break free from the cage of mediocracy and ‘safe living’-Your idea waiting to birth from the creative womb within. 

Are you handcuffed in a subconscious straight jacket?  Is that job a life term prison sentence and your position a four by four cell? 

If not you are in luck.  You have been pardoned and set free, but only if you believe.  

We are energy, every single person reading this.  We are either aligned with the creative forces of the Universe or fighting tooth and nail against it.  Banging our conscious mind against the headboard of the bed we chose to sleep in.  

Maybe it’s time to change position (as in our professional status), change partners (affiliations), or just change the side we get out of bed (our environment).  

Time to change the temperature in the room, change the sheets, and change our spatial dynamics according to a new paradigm.  

Now jump in the shower and wake up to a fresh scent and a new you.  

-Mark Adam Publishing 2016

“Dance Daringly Differently-Dictate Dynamic Dreams.”

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