Relate in Relationship

Life Lesson-Day 5

“A man, even as leader of a household, must choose his battles wisely.  His success will be determined by the woman who stands at his side through every win and every failure.  

The woman he chooses will not only elevate him up but will be an effective life coach, muse, and spiritual advisor.  

The man she chooses will support her emotionally, physically, and spiritually as well.  He will appreciate her beauty, fulfill her desires (in the bedroom), and support her goals (in the boardroom or home office; as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, teacher, and/or mother. 

Love is a choice as much as the food we eat or the lifestyle we live. It’s a mutually-beneficial relationship if both the man and the woman work together through pro-active communication; not the ‘cold war’ of dissent.”

©Mark Adam Publishing 2016

“Be still and Know that I Am Love.” 

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