The Need 2 Love

Life Lesson 101-Day 3 

Whose your ‘go-to’ man, woman, partner, lover, friend, god. 

Where do you quench your thirst when the well runs dry.  

Who do you expose your most intimate self to when you feel most insecure.  

Who do you open your heart to when you need to feel validated or loved. 

I heard this song playing over the speakers at a restaurant tonight.  The same song I heard covered by Hope Community Church in North Carolina during the beginning of a worship set.  

I need your love, I need your time, when everything’s wrong, you make it right, I feel so high, I go alive, I need to be free with you tonight, I need your love.”

Song lyrics credit:  I need your love-Calvin Harris 

Where do you place your trust, where do you lay your heart, where do you sanctify yourself. 

In the arms of another or in the embrace of unconditional love.  

Whose knocking on the door to your heart. 

©Mark Adam Publishing 2016

“Be still and Know that I am Love.” 

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