Destination 2 Love

Life Lesson 101-Day 1

“Don’t fret over friendships lost or  drifted on by…Just bare this in mind.  The blind naked truth is so divine.  Say this to yourself, out loud or to yourself-

It’s their loss not mine.  This much I know to be true, I don’t have time to spare holding onto a flat line relationship like you.  

The memories will linger however long and far, but keep the good, discard the bad.  Keep your life on the fast track to success and attract as a fresh linen scent those whom see you as the asset you are-heaven sent on the path to your next destination in this journey of a passion-filled, on purpose life.”

Thanks to all my friends, near and far who have supported me on this journey and life project of mine.  

Look forward to the #Flight2Love to be completed by Fall 2017.  

Love to all and to all sustained blessings into the New Year. 

Stay classy and sassy. 

©Mark Adam Publishing 2016

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