Life is too short and precious to waste time dwelling or tweeting about missed opportunities (MOs) from our prior experiences.  Live in the moment as if the best days are here and now.  

Don’t concern yourself with negative noise, the chatter of simple minds talking about you behind their backs.  Be thankful that you are the center of their conversation; otherwise they would have nothing to talk about.  As Bonnie Raitt would sing, “Let’s give them something to talk about.” Own the world around you and them by being engaged and involved in every possible way to make the impossible happen.  

If there are loose ends then take care of that.  If there are open channels of unresolved issues then do that which is within your responsibility to resolve those concerns, and then you will be free to move on.  

You might have to burn a bridge as to not cross it again, but don’t burn the bridge that will transport you to the next level, to that destination which God intends for you to relocate to.

You might have to toss your smartphone in the water (a close friend once told me to do that as we stood by a lake) as you cross it, or delete everything negative; photos, text, videos, etc. in your present life and start footloose fresh.  

The challenge awaits my friends.  The road ahead will still be long with parts unknown, unseen, or unstable however it’s all there for you to create new dreams on this extended road trip we call ‘living in the moment.’

So plug in that GPS, or pick up a new map from AAA and get your wheels a turning and your Starbucks a brewing. 

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