Zero gravity.  That’s the overwhelming feeling her entire body was experiencing at this very moment.  Was this her shooting star?  She had wished upon many in her youth; one being kissed by her first crush in primary school by this geeky, nerdy chess player who wore these thick-framed glasses and a pocket protector inside the front pocket of a very plain, checker pattern button up dress shirt.  His black dress slacks made him look as though he worked in a cubicle in front of a computer-perhaps learning how to hack into the school’s system to change grades or secrets on the other students.  

This was a prestigeous school anyways in the heart of the wealthiest neighborhood; multi-million dollar Victorian style mansions-the gated community barracaded by thick brick and mortar walls, with a moot full of alligators to boot.  
Marcus was Claire’s first crush.  He was always challenging his geometry teacher during the class instructional time.  Ms. Koch was her name; a tall, long legged, slender lady whom spoke with a heavy German accent.  She would get all red faced and irritated when faced with a barrage of meaningless questions-some having nothing to do with the geometric assignments at hand.  

One time she yelled out “Halt deine Fresse” in her native tongue; her Bavarian accent making it sound so terrifying that we didn’t know if we should refrain from speaking again the entire class or stay in the room until we perfected our class work.  

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