Breakfast Club 

The Breakfast Club meets every early morning at the local McDonalds in Santa Clarita, California.  A young vibrant spunky group of women in their Golden Years; the guys on the other end of the restaurant talking all this technical stuff about aviation or engineering concepts. 

A relaxing morning walk in the community commencing with breakfast among friends.  

Makes me wonder how life will be like around twenty years from now as I eat my two egg white delights and a coffee-heavy on the cream but no sugar.  

Now if I can just get to the walking or exercise part.  I’ll just find a simulated interactive fitness app where I can scale Mount Pinatubo or go Kayaking on the majestic Taal Lake.  

Maybe I’ll start a Breakfast Club in the Visayas or Tagaytay.  Island Cove is nice this time of year. 


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