Naked and exposed; stripped of all your clothes.  In a crowded room with a million eyes staring at you.  

Ever had that dream-vulnerable in every fiber of our being-the transparent self shedding his/her skin-no where to seek, nothing to hide. 

The masquerade we entertain our closest friends, lovers, partners, even our family and loved ones. 

The shame, guilt, pain, fear, doubts, self-worth, embarrassment, worry about revealing all our blemishes, scars, marks, bruises (self-inflicted, psychological, physical, spiritual, internal or external). 

What do we choose to cover and hide from others and what do we freely release and who do we let come inside, see us-imperfections and all. 

We all have that one person in our life whom knows all our secrets and our very essence-that core of our soul, the pulse, the heart beat, the breath which revives our body back to life, that inner song which brings music to our ears.  

Dancing naked in the rain, even in the midst of the storm with your soulmate, friend, lover, or life partner is the greatest gift the Universe has to offer.  

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