Happy Thanksgiving Day 

No matter which personal season you may be in: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall-Thanksgiving is a day for us to reflect and share with a heart of gratitude to those around us whom we love and call family, friends, spouses, or life partners.  Long Distance or close to home, on Skype or by telephone, around the dinner table or at our fav buffet-eat well and in the right time.  

I will be in beautiful Palm Springs, California soaking in the sun while giving thanks for a life lived in abundance.  That life we all can live as long as we are grateful always; from the simple things to the greater aspects of our well-being; from spiritual, mental, physical, and material. 

And as some of you may be participating in that grand ol’ tradition of ‘Black Friday,’ be safe and celebrate the freedoms others don’t have as you play your new PS4 with Uncharted on your new 55″ Smart TV. 
Stay blessed, stuffed, and thirsty my friends.  

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