Notice all the empty seats-now imagine that there are no teachers, no students, no school; therefore no future leaders, no future America, no future advancements in all fields, imagine there are no people.
Now imagine there is you.  You are appointed to make a difference.  Will you respond and say yes or vacate the room and ignore the emptiness.  Time to fill a seat or take a stand at the front of the room and own it for the sake of others.  Own it as if the world depended on you to make the difference-one self-less act at a time.  The Art of Giving Out Love and Expecting The Unexpected.

Photo credit: RLC 


The key to happiness is fulfilling that mission in life by helping others achieve their dream by being the role model in theirs.  
Teachers are whom drives young vibrant minds to dream bigger; reaching the world-one child, one student, one family, one school, one community, one village, one province, one city, one state, and one nation at a time. 

Collectively you can change the world around you by being the world to that one future leader. 
No child should be left behind, no child should be without the motivation and determination to succeed.  

Real Life Church in the beautiful city of Santa Clarita, California is doing just that.  Lead by Pastor Rusty George, his team is working with Hart Unified School District and La Mesa Junior High and Golden Valley to reach out to families of students during this season of gratitude and thanksgiving going into the Christmas celebrations.  
This organization is just one example of many-the community partnership of faith-based with the public sector to meet a need in this diverse student population.  
Helping others to connect the American Dream to their own lives; the bridge to a greater country-local citizens working together with citizens of diverse nations. Another example of leadership on the frontlines.  
Have you thanked your mentor, your life coach, or your teacher today?

What is your success story?  Share it here as we trek the path together-shifting our own personal paradigm-as we become others-focused rather than self-focused.  
Let us know what you think of our new format as we restructure our blog.  Highlighting personal success stories-of inspiration, hope, and compassion in the collective pursuit of Liberty and a greater America for all.  
Imagine that-a truly United States of the Free World under the ‘all-inclusive’ umbrella of love.  
Making America great once again-one random act of love at a time.  

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