Making The Haters Cry Once Again

Election night 11/8/16-will go down in history as one of the costliest, craziest, confused, comatose, and kooky campaigns on both sides ever.
I think eBay sellers could have made a killing selling earmuffs with elephant and ass mascots on them for their children.  Because God forbid they must hear about some guy wanting to grab them in their (bleeping) deplorable unmentionables or some wicked witch from Arkansas (bleeping) confused by the difference between classified emails and her Yoga emails.  We all know ‘Con’ Comey was too busy on Pedophile Island with Jeffrey Epstein, Weiner-Head, and Billy Bob Clinton to even give a shit.  Putin I’m sure had some great Vodka moments with his mistress by the fireplace as he read these (bleeping) emails.  
As for the doomsayers and haters, Trump this and get a (bleeping) life as we make this country (bleeping) great again by deporting all the aliens from Uranus and beyond.  
See, how (bleeping) hard was that.  Now if you would have gotten off your fat ‘Rosie O’Donnell’ ass or your Miley Cyrus ‘wrecking butt’ and stopped trolling for Trump’s toupee then you could have said, “I’m With That Bitch.” 
Instead its now “Make Megyn Kelly Fox News Numero Uno Overrated Media Bimbo Once Again.”  
If you didn’t like this blog then I highly encourage you to enroll in FU University online, just pay within 24 hours after signing up or face a stiff fine.  You can even take classes in Canada.  Now go smoke some legal pot in Hollyweird, listen to Lady Gaga, and eat some FDA certified radioactive sushi from our EPA regulated Pacific Ocean. 

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