A ghost from the past will soon bare the Rose…

“Follow me, I wanna show yall something,” Rose said with a sense of expectancy and heightened awareness.  She felt one with nature and at ease with the massive plantation in her care.  
She beckoned Claire and Jason to hop on ‘The Beast;’ the John Deere tractor she so affectionately called, maneuvering it along the long dirt road towards a large clearing, the red barn was now visible off in the distance.  
“Can you believe it, that barn has been here since my grandpa’s youth.  He courted my grandma right there, next to the horses, taking a ride off into the sunset,” Rose exclaimed as she maneuvered the Beast down a narrow path directly in line with the barn doors.
She stopped right at the partially opened barn door.  Hay bales were stacked on either side of the building, hay scattered throughout; including the loft.  The floor looked quite clean and a full size sleigh bed lay on the loft; its covered neatly tucked in as if a maid was just making the sheets for the next guest.  The smell of fresh linen and lavender was in the air, drifting across our path.  
“I’ve turned this place into a mini bed and breakfast, for those urban folk who have ever wondered what a ‘roll in the hay’ was really like,” Rose laughed.  The main house is on the other side of those groves.  Claire and Jason can see some white columns through the treeline; Victorian in nature but hardly just a house, it was an 18th Century mansion. There was a large pond in front and a circular driveway which led around it, ending at the front entrance of the grand pearly white columns.

Rose goes on to say…as she casually pulls out a blunt from her cleavage, lighting it up with her American flag bic.  “Would ya’ll like a drag? Nothing like communing with nature; partaking some of God’s seed bearing plants.”  Claire and Jason both take a drag; instantly Claire recognizes the taste and smell as purple indica.  She had been to some love-ins at her college and there was plenty of choice blends to choose from; not just the herbage but the exotic essence of womenhood and the expansion of intellectual thought-One with the Universal force of nature. 
 Claire was always a free spirit and she sensed that same connection again in Rose.  Jason was oblivious to her inner desires and right now was too busy undressing Rose with his eyes and so absorbed in himself to know any better.
“The main house is haunted, my relatives say.  Some nights you can hear voices in the wind, orgasmic screams in the empty bedrooms, the sounds of beds, and doors squeaking.  You ask me I think these ghosts are just randy as hell,” Rose says as she winks at Claire, rather flirtatiously.  Rose now got deadly serious, her eyes glazing over as if she was morphing into a different person.  
“It was used as a brothel, housing many immigrants from the East seeking to make a better life for themselves or their family.  The young girls, some virgins and in their pre-teens were repeatedly abused, raped, and branded with hot iron rods designating their bodies as the property of the brothel owner.  A doctor would come by every month to abort the fetuses from these unplanned ‘accidents,’ as they were called.  The unborn baby boys and girls would then be buried around the property or under the basement six feet under.  Some were burned in order to heat the mansion in huge furnaces; kinda like the Nazis did with those Jews in Europe.  Their spirits have never left this place; some are playful like the unborn children who you can hear laughing and crying.  Others like the young mothers who died during the procedure or committed suicide from years of despair or the contraction of disease; their spirits will forever roam the country side, restless, lonely, and forever damned to the untamed, savage earth. You are both staying the night, aren’t you?”

Jason looks at Claire saying, “hell ya, I’m game for a threesome, nothing like a ghost sex fetish to get my body going,” as he playfully slaps her ass and kisses her on the lips.  “Oh please just grab her by the pussy why don’t you.  But if you want first dibs you’d best step up your game, cause I’m going for the touchdown,” Claire whispers rather playfully in Jason’s ear.  “Maybe we can have a sex seance.  Conjure up some fun for all of us.”
A cold chill came upon them as Rose opened the doors to the spacious lobby.  Floor to ceiling mirrors graced the walls of the lobby, a huge crystal chandelier overhead as Rose played tour guide for her new guests.  “All I ask is, leave your shoes at the door.  There is also a coat rack to hang your hat, jacket, or whatever else you see fit.” Rose had already placed her hat on the top and her boots at the bottom; her long, blonde hair flowed freely down her back as she proceeded up the long spiral staircase.  The creaking of the mahogany steps echoed across the spacious lobby, the smell of musk and lavender wafted through the air from the upstairs chamber.  

Rose seemed to vanish within the elegantly draped chamber as if she entered a secret passage way through the mirrored walls.  
A large portrait of an older looking woman, like Rose but older-perhaps her late mother or close relative; hanging  to the side of the very ornate bedroom.  The queen size canopy bed was surrounded by white as snow curtain drapery; the bed freshly prepared with four huge fluffy pillows, and fresh rose petals all across the floor-one long stem red rose on the head of the bed.  

The eyes on the portrait seemed to move with Claire and Jason’s every step.  Claire loved the feel of the rich cool mahogany on her bare feet.  There was another person in the room besides them, though Rose was no where to be seen.  She could feel a cool, relaxing touch on her; as if slowly caressing her across every inch of her bare skin, her clothes were not restricting it’s tenderness.  Jason was oblivious to the Claire’s seduction; as if she was having a personal hallucination or dream within her delusional waking state.  She feels a pair of lips gently brushing against hers as if being kissed for the very first time-a virgin innocence, sexual awakening of the deadness inside. 

It was taking everything within her to keep calm as the touches by this unseen presense proceeded deeper and more intense.  It was as if this entity as merging as one into her flesh, overtaking her senses, and beckoning her to lose control; to be dominated and hypnotized into submission.  Her inner goddess dancing to her soul’s music; the erotic beats of her forbidden desires-those relegated to the bedrooms and which our deep dream state takes us to in flight.  That soul flight 2 love everlasting and zero gravity bliss…

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