A WORLD ABLAZE-The Final Hour of Liberty-unedited material 

The post-apocolyptic world was hell on earth.  The skies were constantly darkened by thick, heavy black smoke, pollution of all types, and from the slash and burns all over the world.  Deforestation was rampant leaving very little forest remaining, brown shrubbery and dirt fields where farmland and plantations once produced bountiful seasonal harvest of all kinds.  Burning tires marked boundaries where certain enclaves of terrorist cells, gangs, and roving criminals, looters, and rapists resided.  
The rich communities, now downgraded in many urban centers had relocated themselves into protected pockets of self-contained and self-policed mini-cities.  They had spent collected shares of tax revenues-from the support of certain elected officials who had thought ahead to save and secure the last of the remaining taxes deemed for capital projects, school funding, infrastructure, and public/military services.  Huge fortifide walls were constructed around these mini-cities; walls that stood forty feet high and twenty feet thick in some of its parameters.  Barb wire so thick it could slice people nearly in half from trying to cross over it into these protected mini-communities.  
The parents of the children now merging into their pre-teen years wouldn’t recall the momentum which started the post-apocalyptic phase of this post-Christian era.  An uber rich real estate billionaire had ran a campaign around the fears and hate of the general public.  He used their angst and anger to fuel the engine of his campaign.  The enraged public went on a purge shortly after the first women Presidental hopeful lost to the Right-wings Liberty First candidate; causing chaos for days, weeks, and months-outgoing POTUS Obama suspended the transition instilling himself on the throne indefinitely.  The White House surrounded by a wall of cement barracades and military vehicles with an arsenal to last for months. 

The Liberty First Party, formerly the Tea Party had secured the majority of the popular vote and in a history making victory received 305 Electoral Votes.  The True Democracy Party felt this was a rigged election; fraught with fraudulent votes, multiple voting by the same person, deceased voters casting ballots, sex offenders, non-citizens, citizens under the legal voting age, and criminal gangs.  The latter, formerly of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter (BLM) groups being paid to intimidate people from coming to the voting stations and in many cases raping the women and girls who did dare to cross their lines.  

Women and children were not the only people being intimidated; senior citizens and the disabled were subject to public assaults.  
Rogue gangs and domestic terrorists; consisting of young boys, older men, and even women would stand in front of the polls.  Everyplace there were roving seas of criminal elements wielding weapons of different types: assault rifles, spiked whips, barbed metal chains, baseball bats, swords, knives, and some just with sheer muscle mass.  Forced Penetration with metal pipes, rods, and bottles were some of the crude tools of these assaults; women bleeding to death on the streets from the attacks.  There were reports all over of whole police forces, not just individual officers being paid off to look the other way-some even participating as mobs of men and teenage boys raped selected women and girls mainly of all ethnicities, however larger percentages white.  The gang rapes would occur in broad daylight, in alleys, parks, market places, and even churches and schools-the victims some as young as five but most in their pre-teen years, thirteen on up.  The little boys would rape their classmates in the playground or their apartment complexes as their parents, women and men would take turns raping and assaulting their mostly white neighbors.  
Some of the victims were so tramatized and severly assaulted that they either gave up living by suicide after or just died by consuming bleach or whatever poisons they could get their hands on at the moment.  Others were branded or marked by their assailants leader with a hot iron tool which designated their pimp owner.  

Many of the youngest girls were auctioned off by their pimp owners to be sold to the highest bidder in the burgeoning sex trade, here and in the Pacific Rim and European countries.  Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, New York, San Diego, and Wilmington, North Carolina were all hot spots now for sex trafficking hubs, where these pimps would run their criminal global rings.  
You can’t trust the food you eat anymore.  Remember all that GMO crap and the move to ban it, then the push by private industry to label all their products non-GMO and Certified Organic but it was the same shit, just different packaging and wording to appease the health conscuois yuppies and college age crowds who placed all their hopes and dreams on Bernie.  Fastfood companies started first putting horse meat into their burgers, mixing it with cattle beef, then dog, now they are using human flesh.  There are whole meat packing plants filled with human torsos, body parts, organs, hearts, lungs, livers, fully developed aborted fetuses which they feed into the huge industrial meat grinders, pulverizing every miniscule molecule of flaesh into what resembles hamburger patties, ground beef, or hotdogs.  
You are lucky to find any cafe where the cooks are not spitting or adding illegal drugs into your milkshakes, drinks, or food.  Some of the female workers are so wickedly bored and drugged out they will menstrate and urinate into the secret sauce.  Vaginal and seminal fluids were being secretly transmitted into the popular eco-energy organic drinks and frappucinos and other specialty coffees by the well known global franchise; Goddess Cafe Collectives.  
The purging, the rapes, looting, and extreme violence did not begin overnight.  First came the devaluation of the dollar, then the global currency markets took a downhill spiral, the stock market crash of November 6, 2016 causing a suspension of the general Presidential election making our US President the first ever global President of the New Global United Community of Nations (NGUCN).  The new global IDs were better than the old passports, VISAs, and even National IDs originally issued in the former United States of America.  
This global realignment was meant to bring law, order, and security within an increasingly intolerant and racially divided national and global society.  The real estate mogul whom had galvanized and initiated the whole Liberty for All movement and the Liberty First Party was now in hiding within one of those mini-cities, sheltered in place surrounded by his private security guards, henchmen who were authorized to take anyone out-even their life if those without pre-authorized access came near his compound.  His global real estate holdings now heavily guarded and well secured by the Right-wing military commissioned to take down anyone or any foreign and domestic terrorists who is deemed a threat in the eyes of the new Red State.  Drones sent out to kill anyone who stands in the way of this New Global Order.

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