A picture will speak volumes and tell a story for generations to come.  A visual image will capture a moment in time as the clock hands continue to rotate on its own accord. 

09/11/2001-The Day of Infamy when time stood still.  Humanity was tested to the brink of despair, however the haters underestimated one important thing.  Our resolve to take action and fight back against the surge of inhumanity and degradation was awakened this very day.  

in an early morning fog
I lay on my back looking up to the heavens at a grand display of man’s engineering feat.  

Our symbol of strength, determination, and will to survive won’t sway to the forces of hate and intolerance. 

My uncle David Reppa – Set Designer for the MET; with his son Reed.
My brother Mike

This is the human equation, the reason why time is our most valued and scarce resource; hence it should not be taken for granted.  We must cherish the time between the postcards and snapshots of our  lives, giving reason for purpose and reflection on this day and those to come.  
We need only look up to the heavens to remember our loving Angels watching us from afar, teardrops fall as pouring rain to refresh our souls for the marathon ahead.  

We shall never give up, we shall never bow down before our enemies of freedom, and we shall never, ever forget 09/11.  

To our military under command of the red, white, and blue-we salute you and honor your courageous sacrifice.  May other nations join our lead as a nation of immigrants in this Land of the Free.  

The flame will forever burn bright, no matter the fight till dawn’s early light. 

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