Lose Control 

Lose control,

 you know you wanna let it go, 

you know you wanna release it all,

 you know you wanna strip off your clothes, 

Lose control, your body on the floor, 

as the lights cover you from head to toe, 

begging me please to knead you like fresh dough, 

let’s fire up the oven, turn up the heat, 

consume our desires in the searing flames of lust, 

you scream out loud from the pounding of the bass and your sweaty body pressed against mine,

as you intoxicate me in your sweet ecstasy, 

quench my thirst with your living water, 

your reservoir of love is what our inner drought needs, 

Unleash the flood gates, 

Drown me in your torrential current, 

Swept away by the power of your love. 

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