CLOTHED IN BUBBLE WRAP-Part 2 of the series: Package with Care. 

Be honest.  How many of you have wrapped yourself or your partner in bubble wrap?  Maybe some of you used cellophane or gift wrapping paper to conceal the real you.  Maybe it was for a surprise party or just for a fun shared moment.  

You would not send your package off naked.  You would not expose yourself to the dangerous elements nor be rough-handled; bruised or broken without the proper protection and insurance from mishandling or theft of your most precious cargo-you.  

That is how we should treat our own life, our own body, and our own health for the sake of our own piece of mind and for that of our life partner.  We take extra special care of wrapping a treasure in bubble wrap, placing it into a box which is taped securely, and insuring the contents for the highest possible value allowed.  We should place an added value on our own body and mutual partnerships. 

We stamp Handle with Care all around the box then label it to the right destination.  Strategic long-term planning with the end in mind is how we must treat our self.  We are the most precious and treasured cargo; hence if we were on eBay our starting bid might be set to our current mood, our current self-worth, and what others say our ‘value’ is through their eyes. 

It is up to you as an individual, a unique created being by a creator Universal force-greater than our earthly body and soul-to protect that value, to treat your physical body as a prized commodity to train your mind with ongoing education, this insurance against unforeseen loss; both physically and mentally.  Finally you must prioritize your forward tracking to ensure the end in mind is met and you deliver well.  

Find the box that fits your unique character, your debonair style, your Audrey Hepburn flaire, or your breakout role in the long awaited screenplay of your life.  The box will be unsealed, broken open, and the treasure within will be released to be appraised in high value or be placed upon a shelf as a vicarious follower of others.  The choice is up to you-add your value and worth to the world.  

Ai and J J Adams-2016

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