OMG!!! Are you still in bed?  Who did you sleep with this time?” Sasha exclaims over the phone.  A young female voice can be heard in the background-singing in Tagalog to Maroon 5’s Sugar. “It’s 10:00 already, have you been watching the news?  The fire has tripled in size and is headed towards the only artery out of the city.  You best get your butt out of bed and leave now,” Sasha says almost scoldingly as if talking to her own daughter.  Secretly she wishes it was her in bed beside her and not her part-time  lover. 
Claire is still half asleep, rubbing her sleepy blue eyes as she processed the situation at hand.  Her lover still snoring next to her as she carefully pulled back the covers, placing her feet on the lush carpeting, and quietly walking to the downstairs main bathroom to shower and freshen up.  A string of clothes lining the staircase all the way to the top bedroom as she meticulously picked up her undergarments, shorts, and pink tanktop.  Yankee Candles still burning in the living room, filling the place with aromas of cinnamon apple spice and mango cream.  The dark drapes still closed providing an atmosphere secluded from the outside world.  She loved the ambience her lover’s mansion provided.  
She now had to leave a piece of her heart behind yet again and hit the road before she was stuck.  The fire they said was only 10 percent contained.  She had to get to Los Angeles before week’s end.  But with her luck she’ll lose more than a full night sleep and a pair of freshly used panties if she didn’t get her butt packing. 
The smell of smoke was intense outside, as though the apocalypse was upon them and she was left behind.  The sky had a strange orange glow about it and the sun was red as fire behind the thick clouds of ash and smoke.  The heat was so excruciating she was thankful for her choice of tank top and daisy dukes as she hurried towards the Greyhound station a mile away.  It felt like she was on the highway to hell, the long stretch felt like an eternity to reach the metro station.  She was determined to make it to the Golden State of California where she was going to start all over again.  
It had been a while since she first began her acting career; starting off in high school with a self-produced play-a one woman act about a girl finding herself after the tragic loss of both her parents.  Her mother had died from heart failure; her father from colon cancer.  She desired to change the world, not just herself but sometimes she felt like the planet was pressing all around her; suffocating her to the core of her very existance.  
She was always considered eccentric by her long-trusted friends; her way of analyzing the global community around her own sphere of influence.  She questioned everything-religious, political, social, and sexual normalcy.  

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