Love is a Song-It must be Sung.

LDRs (Long Distance Relationships) are tough, but you, my dear keeps me hanging on by that invisible thread of hope. For you Ai are my inspiration.

Dream, Inspire, Visualize, Expect (DIVE) Publishing

A whisper in the wind, tickles my ear,

Reverberates within my soul,

How I want to know what love is,

I need you to show me,

While I hang on by a thread,

Living on a Prayer,

Soaring over the storms of this life,

Kyrie eleison through the finer things,

Those keep shining from your eyes,

Reflecting nothing but a good time,

Dance with me through the fire,

As we roar and party like its 2016,

I’ve got this feeling that tonight’s going to be the best night of my life,

Walking on air, addicted to your love,

You’ve got me intoxicated,

Maybe it’s just the way you look tonight,

Well every night, because I’ve got you babe,

And you’ve got me,

After all, you’re my Inspiration.

Just take me home tonight,

I want you to know,

Cause all of me, loves every part of you,

Can’t get you outta…

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