When Swans Cry 

It was one of those moments when time stood still.  There was no need for words, our eyes would speak what our hearts and soul were crying out.  Another thunderstorm coming in swiftly from the east, causing a power outage as another storm raged within our deepest selves.  The heart wants what it’s inner soul desires; every beat pounding on the door of heaven.  

Awake my sweet angel of the night, lets take flight together, our arms interlocked in an eternal embrace, as we soar above the storms of our life, from twilight till dawn’s early light.  


The strawberry moon illuminated the sanctuary within the grandeur palace of love.  A soft red glow reflected off the angelic presence within the center of the inner chamber.  Her golden wings were spread so wide; touching the high vaulted ceiling.  Her radiant body translucent-allowing a prism of light to cast a rainbow arc across the spacious room.  Her arms spread apart wide as a swan opens its magical wings to glide over the crystal clear waters on a mid-Summer’s morn. 


She held an expanded map-a series of celestial galaxies; a roadmap of the stars.  Cassiopeia is the constellation from whence she came.  The portal was only open for a very brief moment of time as to say one last goodbye.  

My love for you is forever, my love for you is true,  I didn’t mean to break you, I called out your name one last time as I took my last breath, I just wanted to say I love you one more time, I love you always and forever.  One last thing before I head back to the light, embrace your dreams, ignite your passions, soar with the wings of angels, and take flight to the other side of midnight.  Don’t be afraid, just hold on tight to me tonight. 

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