The Catalyst – Igniting the Fire (The Political Game of Passionate Seduction) Excerpt from the upcoming novel, Passion City Nights 

Show Biz Highlights with High Heels to Match 

Claire had this habit of biting her lower lip whenever she was nervous or romantically turned up.  Her brown eyes could not keep from wandering; especially in a crowded room full of the world’s most gorgeous people, even with her latest hot accessary standing right next to her.  Claire chose a simple black maxi dress, black straw fedora, and matching suede sandals from her favorite store, Dillards.  She would find any excuse to show off her shapely legs and freshly pedicured toes.  

The main event was to raise money for the latest LGBT cause; assisting the efforts to repeal HB2 back in her home state of North Carolina.  Maroon 5 and Cyndi Lauper were scheduled to perform on the main stage of the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.  She was vying for one of the sacred VIP backstage passes so she can hang with Adam Levine and Cyndi Lauper; two of her fav artists.  As usual at all these major Hollywood events POTUS Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle were laughing it up with the likes of George Takei, Will Ferrell, and Jennifer Lawrence in a section of the large conference area away from the B list stars.   

Responding to Seductionary Intent 

Claire met the director at the Showbiz Expo in Los Angeles two years prior to her first speaking gig in a movie.  She was always around some hot talent in the industry which all began with her work in Adult film.  She responded to an ad in the L.A. Weekly-Earn $$$ modeling P/T: We pay $300-400 a day for commercial and studio shoots.  Sleepless In Cebu Agency. 

It was all prearranged.  Claire would have her first real live audition at the most coveted industry convention in Los Angeles; Adultcon.  This is where the Who’s Who Listers are in their prime, including her fantasy lover of her most decadent and sinfully sweet desires; Cindy Starfall.  If God ever created the perfect angelic being, she would be the one.  Heaven sent fallen angel right on top of me.  

The Big City Lights

To say Claire was anxious and scared of being alone in a big city was an understatement.  She remembers the words of Toni playfully echoing in her head, “a girls gotta hustle to survive in the city if she wants to venture off on her own.”  She cherished the company of long time friends by her side-now in the lion’s den of Hollywood.  She feels a sense of comfort though with the director, even if he is profiting quite generously off fresh, young talent.  At least I don’t have to slum it in a car with the trunk as my closet and the backseat as my bed.

“Ma’am, where is it you are going” the fortyish looking brunette haired lady says to Claire, with a sigh of impatience in her raspy, Southern drawl.  She had a fight with her live-in girlfriend Toni over an encounter she had with a fresh, young piece of eye candy.  The blonde hair guy only eighteen; a freshman at State majoring in Computer Graphics and Business.  She needed some help setting up her website at home and needed some technical expertise.  A friend of hers did a photoshoot with her showcasing her latest original fashion designs.  Nick was a stud; tight jeans, plain white t-shirt, and some white cross-trainers.  He was the basketball star athletic at State; always surrounded by his scantily clad ‘groupies.’ The girls were more like the cheerleader diva types whom you’d see at every game showing off their assets at their fav players.  Nick was holding out for someone special; that girl who was a geek at heart as himself.  The band camp flute player whom knew how to handle a long instrument delicately; training her lips and mouth well.  He was picked to play on the Wildcats basketball team, maintaining a 4.0 GPA as President of the Honor Society.

YOU BITCH” exclaimed Claire when she came in that late night from her shift at Starbucks.  She knew Toni was bi but thought she got over guys after the two of them hit it off.  Claire would get insanely jealous anytime a gorgeous sexy number came over to talk to Toni; even a mere glance or hint of flirtation would cause Claire to rage inside.  Nick already had his shirt off; showing off some firm six pack abs worth downing in one sitting.  His tight jeans would do little to hide what he was packing and loading, as Toni already was undoing the buttons-meticulously as if opening a birthday present to reveal a surprise inside.  Toni didn’t flinch one bit as Claire glared at her with an intense dark look of inner rage, desperation, and betrayal.  Toni just gave a wickedly playful stare back at her, never once losing her momentum and purpose.  “Wanna join us?  You’re more than welcome,” laughing it off rather wickedly, as if she was at the Legends Nightclub getting the freak on with some Kappa Phi Lambda pledge during Rush Week.

The Catalyst

Toni held a secret weapon which could be used for good or evil.  She had dabbled in Wiccan in University, hence her fascination with ritualistic sexual practices during the full moon cycles.  She perfected her craft well; as though casting a love spell on every handsome stud or gorgeous number she met.  She always got what she wanted with little effort as breathing or eating.  She had a salacious appetite and was always filling her mouth with something-whenever she wasn’t speaking.  To add salt to the wound of their now severed relationship, Toni was wearing the same sarong she had on the day they both met-which was tossed to the side; hanging off the mirrored dresser as if to tease.  She was fully disrobed and naked; apart from the ankle bracelet and heart necklace she had engraved with Claire’s initials-ironically now resting in between her bare breasts as if taunting her.  Her wicked tat of two female angels; one with horns, the other with a halo in an embrace teasing her from below her pierced navel-reaching to the top of her freshly shaven sweet spot. “YOU FUCKING SLUT” Claire burst out; screaming hysterically, then crying uncontrollably as she stormed out of their luxury two bedroom loft just two blocks off Peace Street and within five minutes from their work.  She had managed to abruptly pack together some jewelry, a Ziploc bag of weed, two changes of Victoria Secret bras and panties; along with some mace in her old worn red NC State backpack.

Deep down she had these fantasies which played out well within dreams and in the Romance novels she would purchase from Barnes and Noble.  She and Toni would find this their home away from home as they both engaged in heated discussions about Camryn and Andrew from “The Edge of Never.” This was Claire’s book of the week; always wishing to live vicariously through the eyes of the characters.  She had an intense jealous side of her too.  She would rage with an array of mixed emotions-anger, envy, and jealousy.  Maybe her bipolar personality would rear its ugly head at certain times of the month when her little friend would visit unexpectedly.  Sure she was selfish and wanted Toni all to herself, not to be shared like some damn wedding cake with the whole party.  The icing was for her to lick off, not some horny geek; damn if he wasn’t such a fucking stud.  Maybe I should have at least shared a vanilla smoothie with those two sluts, Claire mused just in afterthought.

The Station of Forsaken Dreams

She had been sitting alone at the Greyhound Station off Capital Blvd for close to three hours, which seemed an eternity.  She was contemplating her next move and her life apart from Toni.  She was already having withdrawals, reminiscing about her scent, her taste, and her French accent which she never lost since Paris.  She was feeling some guilt upon keying Toni’s new BMW and flattening the tires, but in her mind this situation was warranted-a reminder of love lost.  She also was glad she took all the crisp new Benjamins off the kitchen table; 10 in all.  Have fun trying to pay the rent now bitch.  She thought to herself.  She also pocketed her fav Maroon 5 cd-icing on the cake, especially since Sugar was one of Toni’s best songs to make love to.  Besides she would just find some other young dude or dyke to screw for some fast cash anyways.  The Men’s Club will employ her again as their featured Barista of the Week I’m sure.  Claire may have harbored too much jealously with Toni and this was bound to happen.  She was under her psycho-sexual spell; the air so thick you could slice it with a knife. 

“Ma’am you ok?” the older lady said behind the counter; more out of frustration than concern to Claire.  I guess Claire’s eyes looked like she was toking on a blunt, how red they were from all the crying she was doing the past few hours.  Claire didn’t know what to do or where to go, but she knew anyplace except Raleigh-at least for now.  It’s not like this will be the first move she will regret.  “I just need the next bus out of here” Claire spoke as she scanned the terminal for any signs of a destination to nowhere.  She had a renewed sense of urgency out of this complacency-besides the cop on duty keeps looking over at her suspiciously as if she is a prostitute or a runaway.  She does look underage plus the dime bag of weed is enough for a K-9 to sniff her crotch. 

She saw some young guy, clearly still in high school wearing a California Republic charcoal t-shirt, cargo pants, and some Doc Martins.  “California” she burst out.  The ticket lady says to her, “you’re in luck, the next bus leaves for Barstow in one hour.”  Claire hands her some of the bills she stole from Toni to pay her ticket.  The lady; clearly elated that she can finally take a smoking break again, hands Claire the bus ticket.  “Have a safe trip Ma’am” says the counter lady in her best fake sincere voice and smiles as she steps away from her chair with a pack of Natural American Spirits in one hand; a bottle of lukewarm Coca Cola in the other.  Why the hell did I say California, she thought to herself.  Her mind had drawn a blank, searching for a sign, and some blonde hair, blue eye Adam Levine wannabe with a logo t-shirt is her answer.  Am I going fuckin crazy, she says to herself.  California is a four day trip by bus and to Barstow of all places? I’m glad I didn’t see two young boys in dress clothes and ties riding bicycles or else I’d be on my way to Utah.  Then again being sandwiched in between two vanilla virgins would be so fucking hot.  Delta Spirit playing California in her head; that inner goddess desiring to dance naked in the pouring rain.

Why didn’t I think this through, Claire contemplates to herself as she realizes the only attire she has is what she is currently wearing.  Her pink halter crop top accentuates her curves well.  Add to that a pair of worn-out daisy dukes, along with her pair of gold flat lace-up sandals gives her the appearance of a spontaneous beach trip to Wilmington.  Maybe she can make a few bucks on the side to help fund her trip to nowhere, she muses to herself as she watches the storm clouds come in from the east.  A severe weather alert announcement from WRAL is broadcast on the television in the terminal lobby, warning of thunderstorms and possible tornados until 9 pm local standard time. She had to get on that bus fast to stay ahead of the next catastrophic storm which was sure to be hotter and fiercer than her next Southern Belle.

Next chapter: Hotlanta City Lights – The Humidity of Passion

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“Love Dangerously.  Live Passionately” 

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