The Secret Garden

The secret garden holds the key to immortality and sensual bliss; the sharing of the most pleasing fruit in this tropical paradise.  The entrance to the garden was secured by a glistening golden gate; separated through the middle and opened to the left and the right.  Two eight foot tall cherub angel statues, atop magnificent ivory columns, guarded both sides of the entrance.  They each held firmly to a flaming gold sword with rare gemstones on the handle.  Their deep dark blue eyes seemed to gaze right through the girls as they walked through the opened gate.  It was as if the two angels on watch duty were evaluating their inner most souls, searching deeply through their transparent nakedness for any signs of impure or unnatural intentions.  

Adam and Eve were the first couple to experience all the pleasure senses that a untouched tropical paradise would provide; relying solely on nature’s bounty.  The girls were also uncovered from the inside out yet secure in their own vibrant flesh and imperfect bodies.  This was sacred ground; only those with pure and loving thoughts were judged worthy by these angelic beings.  Intolerance, hate, and selfish desire had no place here and would be struck down with the flaming sword. 

Claire did a double take and saw something which made her stop dead in her tracks.  She saw the cherubs move in their direction as they proceeded to follow the stone path into the inner sanctum of the sacred place.  The tree of universal pure love stood in the center of the massive grounds.  It resembled the enormous plantation of Angelica’s childhood, the smell of fresh, ripe mangos in full abundance at the first harvest. The aroma was intoxicatingly overwhelming; drawing her mind and body back to that secret place deep within her.  The mangos which grew forth from the branches were brightly colored red, orange, and green with yellow hues.  They were the size of her clenched fist and glistened in the morning light.  

Angelica went searching for an isolated spot to cleanse herself of any impurities before the ritual; releasing her sarong to a granite stone slab by the edge of the water before she stepped into the still blue.  The lagoon was very calm, tranquil, and soothing; caressing every inch of her body as she became one with the immediate universe around her; nature in its finest hour.  

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