This is Paradise

The secret garden of the forbidden fruit was the place where one could shed all inhibition and be as carefree as the tropical summer breeze.  The summers are always the best time of the year in this region of the Visayas and Cebu was the place to be.  The isolated white powder sand beaches, the crystal gin-clear blue waters of the isolated lagoons, the marble cliffs, and majestic free-spirited waterfalls make this slice of paradise a lovers sweet dream.  Sweet dreams are definitely made of this and sharing a luscious, almost forbidden mango with the person who drove your inner child wild was truly mind-blowing and beyond hypnotic.  It was beyond climatic, a release of energy, making your eyes roll back into your skull as you screamed above 120 ear-piercing decibels.  The experience would rank up there but not as close to Claires’ first time with her high school crush at a Ramones gig on Sunset Blvd.  She was more infatuated with Joey Ramone and wanted to have his love child.  She was only with Chad because he had the best Bob Marley around.  She was a punk rocker at heart even now and would bang Sheena given the chance in the middle of a mosh pit orgy.  She was the Submissive in her fantasy lair, dominated by wild abandon and untamed passion.  This was her reason for experimentation, her carefree attitude about life, feeling liberated in the overgrown jungle, the wild child within running naked and free, in this tranquil lagoon, their secret chamber under the canopy of shooting stars in this tropical paradise.

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