The Stone

The black stone was extremely rare and expensive on the world market.  It would sell for around 1.8 to 2 million U.S. dollars per carat.  This precious gem was considered a lucky charm and promised to bring great prosperity and wealth to the person who finds it.  There was just one catch, that person must do good with the newfound treasure and help those less fortunate.  If greed takes hold of the heart and he squanders the wealth then he will lose all that is dear to him; his health, family, and home.  Money can either be a tool used for good or as an instrument of evil leading to self-destruction; a blessing or a curse.  So it is with our own lives through free-will that we must make a choice.  Through hard work and perseverance and patience we may reap an abundant harvest or if we are self-absorbed and slothful then we become our own worse enemy.

Angelica listened intently on her grandfather’s every word.  He was the granite foundation, the corner stone of her life in her youth.  She needed wisdom now more than ever in the next chapter of her life.  She had to discover her own buried treasure in fertile soil and rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.  The enemy within tried to press her down; having nothing to do with love and gratitude for even the simple joys of her life.


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