212 Degrees of Passion 2020

Masquerading Down Your Own Highway to Hell…Or Somewhere between Purgatory and Vegas

Oh my god you are so blessed you don’t even know it. But believe and receive all this life has to offer you because you deserve it after all you’ve been through.

That passion pandemic is your next outbreak into a whole other world. One where very few even find let alone dare to dream their wildest fantasies.

But you live outside the realm of hate for the most sacred of things, a higher state of being afforded the chosen few.

So rejoice in your best shit yet to come. Strip off that mask and everything else holding you back from the One you love and your every sensual desire for greater than complicity in the complacency. You control your own destiny, you change your own climate. You have the will to breathe free.

So damn the haters and bless the lovers of humanity who dare to fly over the Rainbow in the Dark.

Fuck that Corona Bitch.



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