Revive my Ass out of Bed, So I can Rock the Hell Right out of you…#LitAssFaith

Life is not easy nor should it be. It’s this push through our circumstances and personal climate change which prepares us for the challenges ahead.

Success should never define you. You define it by the actions you take every day.

Maybe you are not where you envisioned yourself to be. Your life is your own and you only have today to make it right. Even if you stub your toe on that bedpost, hit your head against the wall, or push your partner off the bed with you. Your ass is gonna fall again and again…it’s that thing called life. But much like love, you will make it through the night shift, and that date night you had to postpone because of working so god damn late.

Now back to work on yourself first, so you can better invest in the ones around you, and have the best of both worlds, this side of heaven tonight.

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