In Remembrance – United We Stand As One, Divided We All Fall Down (Sacrifice Is Forever And Never Forgotten)

Be Bold, Be Defiant, Be Stronger Together As One – Mark Adam

Freedom is Family

Our family; mom, dad, sister, and three older brothers would always travel to New York in the 80s to visit Uncle David and his son Reed. He was a set designer for the Metropolitan Opera (MET) and lived in downtown Manhattan.

I’ve included some iconic photos of the majestic towers which we all grew to love and take freedom for granted. Looking up at the towers from the bottom courtyard was always something we would do. As the buildings both seemed to touch heaven and we were blessed to be a small if minuscule part of this great engineering feat.

The reason I still pursue my dream and write for hopes of getting my debut novel published is because of my late mother Joan. I had just returned from Germany to LAX when that photo was taken by my sister. The last picture is of one of my three brothers, Michael. I share these memories with you to show how time can indeed stand still in a postcard photograph and life as we remembered it can change in the blink of an eye.

So cherish each day as if it were the first day of your life and Kiss the Sky before you Embrace Heaven. Here on Earth and Before you Fly Home.

Freedom is Never Truly Free…It comes at a Higher Price than we can ever Imagine

In Remembrance of the lives we lost and the light which shined brightly along that path we walked together in love. We honor those whom sacrificed so much that day. From our military, public servants, firefighters, police officers, and citizens from all ends of the globe…their legacy will never be forgotten and 09/11 will never fade into the darkness because their stars shine ever so bright up in the heavens tonight.

Freedom is something greater than just the opportunity to live as we please or to say and do what we want. It’s that chance to give back unto other in service and gratitude for an honor we will never truly fathom. It’s more than a salute to a flag that bleeds with courage and faith, it’s a State of Grace in a United States of America. The Home Sweet Home of the Brave and a Country where everyone should live out their dream in manifested destiny.

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