The Learning Curve – Part 1: Bare Along The Shore

I stand before the great expanse of the ocean deep. Much as the love I’m destined to have…throwing caution to the wind; my clothes washed out to sea. The cool mist touching my skin as the wind caresses me; exposed to the forces of nature which surround my timid soul. Though I’m naked upon the shore, I fear no one; not even the tsunami staring me down.

Ambient Splendor

The ambient sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore can be very therapeutic to your overall wellness. The coolness of the water caressing your skin can also take your mind away from the reality of the chaotic world we all must thrive in.

So if anything just take it slow, but try something new…perhaps outside your comfort zone. Be bold, beautiful, and bad-ass. Ask yourself, Am I happy?

Naked Surrender

If the temperature seems too hot maybe it’s time to undress your past and to embrace your present with arms wide open. It may mean you must decide on a new choice or a different life path. It may involve inviting others into your personal intimate story and creating new opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Adding a chapter or sharing an experience with another may require you to walk across the water or surf your current circumstances in pursuit of the next big wave of opportunity.

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