Glam Slam Me Now – Sextrocute Me With Your Love (from the new series: Searching for your Perfect F🤭ck…Wherever, Whenever, and Whoever You Are In Bed With)

Using a hair dryer in the bathtub

It doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on or how stylish you dress up. True beauty is only revealed when you take off everything holding you back from your deepest most decadent desires. As you speak what is on your heart, mind, and soul; your naked surrender will release you to the blessings of the Universe…as you let it go and let it overflow.

If your perfectly imperfect soulmate is comfortable with you, then exposing everything about yourself should come as natural as that kiss across your glistening wet lips.

All of your blemishes, scars, cuts, tats…your masterpiece of a beautifully-created body from head to toe will only be another opportunity to share love with and to embrace that passion angel when you least expected them. Your relationship will outlast any and all circumstances; surfing any wave which comes ashore forevermore.

Embrace your inner passionate goddess and invite more blessings into your life as you show gratitude for the people and things which bring you joy. We all have choices to make on our own, so decide on a path you wish to follow and become your own best leader.

Just be patient, but open because true love knows no boundaries, no gender, no religion, no age, and no creed outside your own sacred covenant you make in consummate grace and mutual understanding for one another. As many extraordinary teachers, gurus, and inspirational leaders have exemplified by example…the simple act of smiling can prove an emotional breakthrough to those in need of hope.

“Because let’s face it…life’s not always a beautifully arranged vase of red roses. You’ll get pricked by thorns along the way to love.

Hence is the invisible hand of God, touching heaven with angelic grace, the Creator of both pleasure and pain; the sacred and the profane.”

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