More Decadent Wisdom from 8 Passions of Claire-voyance… Dreamgasmatic

Unfuck yourself from your past fucks as you start giving a higher prioritized fuck about yourself…

“Why is this happening to me once again? Why do extreme challenges happen to good people?”

If your life is not where you want it to be or you haven’t found the love you’ve been searching for ever since your prom date from hell…maybe you’re too focused on what others say about you rather than what that voice inside is telling you to do.

Then maybe it’s time you unfuck yourself from your own mental misguided choices. Embrace the divine passion which rules the night with the one you’re with.

Time to go full frontal with everything you were born with and fuck the whole damn world in front of you. ‘Cause if you’ve got the desire to succeed, no matter the challenge or spit from your haters, then ain’t no mountain nor ocean too high or too deep to keep you from your most passionate dream. Don’t let any borders or walls keep you from your One true love.

Isn’t it time to change your mind and not just your attire?

©2018 Passion Angel Media (PAM). All Rights Reserved.

“Keep Your Passion Ignited”

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