Today Your Journey Starts Here (Lakeside Chat Series Part 1)

Inclusive Lakeside Chat…

You will know your closest friends, family, partners, and colleagues by how much they include you in their private lives. As well as invite you to share in their public victories and their very candid selfie moments.

There is a major difference in how others talk with you and not just to you. The very reason gossip and cyber bullying is so very damaging and hurtful to building community. Because once that trust is broken; especially with sparring words between those close to us, it may cause a lifetime of pain and distrust in our relationships with other people. So be mindful of your tone and your choice of speech with others.

Anyone can communicate with you in their spare time, especially if they really care about you. However ‘real talk’ begins when genuine people take an interest in you and listen first with a heart to understand that place you are coming from.

They will free up time from their busy lives to include you, even if it means a sacrifice on their part. Because you were never meant to go through challenges or that struggle alone without a hand to hold.

Who will you send a personal invitation to your party for two? Who will you include in your inner private circle?

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“Ignite Your Passion”

Photo Credit: Mark Adam, Bridgeport, Santa Clarita, California

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