Today Your Frappy Scrappy Angel With Attitude Wants You To…Get Wet With Decadent Desire 

Sometimes ya gotta get soaking wet.  Our wildest dreams are best shared together… 

Just because you had a bad hair day doesn’t mean you throw it all away.  Go to the hair salon, get a manicure, buy some new shoes, and a dress to match.  

Be your bad-ass self and find someone true blue to hold close, because we are better together in any climate change which may blow our way.  For it’s in the allseeing eye of the storm when we discover our calm and purpose for being in the midst of our personified chaos

Even if it’s just for the night, but the moment seems right.  Don’t put up a fight; surrender to that crazy-ass beautiful thing called love and share in the ecstasy of divine bliss.  

Let your passion angel guide you with the rhythm of your soul.  Letting it all fall down as you groove to your heartbeat.  Get wet with decadent desire as you dive over the waterfall with the one you were destined to love forever together.  

©2018 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 
“Ignite Your Passion” 

#PassionRhythm #PassionAngel #SoulGoddess #FrappyScrappyAngel 

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