Your Kick-Ass Guardian Angel Wants You To…Watch Out For Falling Rocks 

You will spill that hot Starbucks all over your clean shirt time and time again.  

In our moments of uncertainty we all have one thing in common.  We must rely on our intuition and emotional intelligence in relation to one another to achieve the results we seek in not just our long-term vision, but our daily professional lives.  You must keep your eyes open and anticipate the actions of others ahead.  Those unexpected rocks can trip you up.  But that doesn’t mean you detour your life on someone else’s terms. 

Brennan Manning writes in his book The Rabbi’s Heartbeat, “We are not alone on (this) Yellow Brick Road.  Traffic is heavy.  Fellow travelers are everywhere.” 

In other words, you deal with different personality types and conflicts of self-interest on a daily basis.  How you pro-actively handle the challenges and obstacles in your sphere of influence is totally within your direct control.  

It’s not just me, myself, and I; even though some of us drive like that while texting or taking one last ‘selfie’ before we crash into a tree, especially those of you living in North Carolina.  I used to live there so I know a deer may trip your butt up as well.  

But worse yet we may cause a fellow passenger in this life to lose focus on their own GPS routing ahead.  We all must traverse this long, windy, and sometimes smooth ride with people who we can relate too and perhaps an idiot or two. 

You don’t have to associate with everyone or even pick up on every single hitchhiker who so desperately may desire to rest their feet on your dashboard or their ass on your bed.  You can choose your own traveling companions, even those with diversity of thought but only you have the choice to kiss a fool or embrace the one your soul was destined to be with along this journey called life.  

Because life is like a cup of hot coffee, you never know if ya gonna spill it all over your ass. 

©2018 Passion Island Cove Productions.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Passion” 

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