The Straight Shit On Relationships – “WTF Is Love Anyways”

That crazy ass beautiful thing we call (place your explicitive here)…

That song What is LoveWhat’s Love Got To Do With It, Hot Love, Addicted to Love, and Love is a Drug.  These are to just name a few hits out there which speak on The Power of Love or whatever the fuck you want to call those fluttering butterflies or the groove which makes your inner goddess dance every time you see your soulmate or your passion crush of your soaking wet dreams. 

If you think you’ve found true romance…it was most likely that whole pizza you just ate and that box of See’s chocolates.  Because you will end up between the empty soiled sheets of a Bad Romance while binge listening to Lady Gaga on iTunes and eating a pint or two of Ben and Jerry’s.  

Wrapped around the legs of another like that ring on your finger…

So you think you’ve found the one…destiny or that scent of floral bliss lead you to the sweet honeypot overflowing in their sloppy wet kiss and that everlasting embrace.  One bite and you are hooked on that drug they call a State of Enlightenment, Fruit of Heaven on Earth, and the Zen of Youth. 

The one where time stands still and you both don’t give a damn who else is in the room as you two are meant to be as one; naked and unashamed.  Because in that moment you know you own it as you got it banging…so just Bang a Gong and Get It On.  As the 11th Commandment of Love states, Thou shall play it Sassy Assy but safe and not sorry. So protect the one you are with.  

Perfectly imperfections and about last night revelations…

So if you think you’ve found the Perfect One the Perfect Fuck then just Let her/him/they (that threesome thang) go at least for one night or two.  If you really gotta have it go to one of those Thai massage parlors or spa places.  

But if you’ve discovered true love; that eternal garden in your private inner Eden paradise then that love that is so elusive for many will come back into your arms again and again.  

In the end we create the life and relationships with others our hearts desire.  Life doesn’t just happen like some Bad Romance unless you love that sort of thing.  Then tie them up to the bed and never ever let them go again. 

©2017 Passion Island Cove Productions. All Rights Reserved. 

Because Lasting Romance is not always a Perfect Fuck” 

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