A Week In Review – Giving Thanks for the Leftovers 

I’m back.  It’s been a tough week or two to say the least.  I’m not about to throw in the towel though and more than ready to face the challenges before me.  
Anyone who has higher aspirations and greater dreams outside their cubicle, or in my case, a union position which is a safe secure bet for many, however lacking in upwards mobility and creative work freedom.  

We all have talents and abilities; some analytical and others of us in the expressive arts and media.  At CSU, Chico I was taking courses in law, politics, international policy, and strategic national intelligence.  As a columnist for ‘The Chico Alternative’ and a guest columnist for ‘The Orion’ newspapers, I found out my passion was in writing.  Later after graduation I would work as a location scout in the greater Los Angeles region.  I enjoyed very much the amount of time and effort which went on behind the scenes of productions and played off the energy of it all.  

Going forward you may have to revisit your past to find where your heart and soulful desires were left at.  You don’t want to linger too long though…only long enough to catch up on your younger self and see just what it was that made you feel you could conquer the world.  

My time abroad traveling as a student at an acclaimed international university as well as after graduation in the Philippines 🇵🇭 and throughout the United States 🇺🇸 taught me some valuable lessons about global learning and cultural diversity and respect. 

Even though issues I am facing right now, as many of us can relate, are financial; we can move forward through this season and into the next.  One challenge can also present opportunities; either for career learning or inner investing in ourselves and others as we embrace those moments in the arms of our loved ones, partners, friends, and families.  

I value everyone I’ve ever met in person and those of you whom I have yet to meet in person as we forge greater friendships online and as active partners in our global communities of diverse love and passion for a better tomorrow today.  

I love you all and welcome any and all feedback you may have as we approach this magical holiday season of giving ourselves in service to others. 

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