Wake the F*ck Up and Kick Some Ass (Excerpt from WTF Wisdom to Change your Kick-Ass Life)

Life is Fucked Up (At Times) But You Don’t Have To Be

Life may be a birthday surprise, a Secret Santa type gift, or a regifted bag of crap.  I used to love those places where you would pay a buck or two and get a grab bag of unknown items.  There is a used book store in Santa Clarita which offers a mystery selection of two or more books in a brown paper sack.  I just love to read all types of shit and, to be honest, a great novel can be way more exciting than some spontaneous safe or not too safe sex.  

Ok maybe I’m getting a little too fucking personal here but I’m sure you’ve had that WTF am I doing here moment too. Maybe after a few too many drinks or blunts and you end up in the bed of a Stranger Things type lover who you swears gonna tie you up or handcuff you to that headboard and take all your money and bling bling.  Then what ya do after that honeymoon in Vegas and you realize ya just got your pimp ass hitched!!! 

We all love surprises when it’s on a very special occasion or when it suits us.  It also would depend on which list you place yourself on; whether you’re wickedly naughty or sugar cookie nice and who is delivering the sweet ass goods.  

On the flip side we encounter that surprise party gag gift like a pie in the face or a face plant in that multi-tiered cake as you stumble across the proverbial ballroom floor with or without your soul-partner…who also can’t dance with or under the stars. 

Never miss an unexpected yet unintentional opportunity in those WTF imperfect Instagram moments.  You may just find your inner desire wrapped up in the most decadent of drama disasters. 

You sure as hell can be that drama queen or king; just don’t be someone’s bitch or sloppy seconds lover. 

©2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

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