I had posted a comment about a possible event on or about November 4th or 5th to follow the failed narrative of the Las Vegas massacre by domestic and global criminal terrorists funded by our own government.  The reason witnesses keep turning up dead under suspicious causes and information is being suppressed about multiple shooters and a possible helicopter assist by a ‘rogue’ unit within the FBI. 

As you may recall there were and still are some valid concerns regarding Antifa and other groups funded by George Soros, the Deep State, or CIA sanctioned Red Flag attacks targeting white conservative citizens and/or religious right leaning organizations.  The November 4th is when it all begins movement should still be kept close watch on. 

Donald Trump has been a vocal supporter of Liberty University and has spoken there many times; including as President of this years Commencement Graduation Address Keynote Speaker.  As a Liberty Alumni myself of 2014 I’m proud of the job Jerry Falwell Jr. has done in his tenure as University President and Faith Advisor to President Trump. 

My assessment is the shooter could be a lone deranged lunatic who had plans to initiate a civil war and incite fear and chaos within other churches across the US or he most likely had help.  There will be more incidents of this nature most likely and faith centers should remain vigilant and be prepared to defend their members with any means necessary; prayer and parameter security.  

Mind you the actions of this misguided individual was halted by a lone responsible gun owner which proves the need for strictly regulated and licensed CC and OC citizens to defend their communities and churches if warranted. 

I still love Austin and the surrounding communities of Texas and I pray with a heart of sadness for the great people I’ve met in my travels there and for a resurgence of the greater good over the cesspool of evil which seeks to divide us all. 

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