Taking It All The Way (From First Base To A Power Slide Home) 

Home Run Or Foul Ballin’ 

Sometimes the best thing (perhaps the only good thing) when we effing screw up royally is to shut our mouth, take a seat, and figure out what the hell just happened.  Similar to the Dodgers loss; we can sing the blues, curse an Astros fan, burn our jerseys or donate them to some poor children’s charity.  Or we can not place all our bets and trust in other people (including our lovers) whom may fail us or hurt us in this emotional game due to these ‘imperfect moments of catastrophic failures’ as the human species we all encounter (unless you are an alien or Reptilian Hybrid) and some of you might be engaged, married, or sleeping with one right now and you know it because they change almost overnight or during intercourse.  But we will save that for another day…

Hitting It Out of the Bedroom 

Our friendships and relationships are more relevant to our personal contentment and maybe even within our immediate control.  But as we go up to bat we may miss quite a few opportunities to knock the ball out of the park or to make our life a Home Run victory dance.  

We have many more ‘minor league’ victories we can celebrate with the ones we love rather than waiting with all bets on the bed for that ‘Major League’ victory which may or may not come with the World Series climatical finale we train our whole lives for as both the spectator and player in our personal ‘Field of Dreams.’ 

Choosing Your Position

Whatever you do as you go up to bat is within your control even if the pitch is not.  You don’t always see it coming in the middle of a slide to home but the distance between the dugout and the doghouse may be just one misunderstanding or missed opportunity away from your dream win.  

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